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Watch Bates Motel OnlineWatch Bates Motel Online at CouchTuner . Norma Bates and her 17-year old son, Norman move from Arizona to White Pine Bay, Oregon where they buy a run down motel after the death of Norman’s father and Norma’s husband. Norman is approached by popular girls at his new school to come and party with them. While Norman is at the party, the former owner of the property breaks into the house. Norma tries to defend herself and calls Norman to help her. The former owner then rapes Norma; Norman, who arrives just in time, ultimately witnesses Norma stabbing her assailant to death. The duo carry his body to one of the room’s bathtubs. While clearing the carpet, Norman finds a drawing booklet full of women being tortured and injected. Norma and Norman then dump the body in the harbor covered in chains to make sure that the body will sink.

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